Can You Spot Animal Crossing’s Art Forgeries?

We've reached the end of another week! What was your most rewarding moment this week? We thought everyone could do with a dose of fun this week, so we're focusing on games that are both educational and entertaining. The resources are from our friends across the Smithsonian Institution. Do you use games with your students? One game in particular, Animal Crossing, seems to be growing in popularity - as you'll learn in this article from Smithsonian magazine, it even includes detective work! Read Now >

Explore Educational Games From Smithsonian

Find the State Capitals 
Find the U.S. state capitals in this word search puzzle from Smithsonian magazine. A list of states is provided to track your progress.
Aquation: The Freshwater Access Game
From the Smithsonian Science Education Center, players use each region's wealth to build pipes, desalinate water and conduct research to bring water where it's needed most.
Weekly Crossword Puzzle
Test your mettle with this crossword puzzle from Smithsonian magazine.
Geography From Space
From the National Air & Space Museum, students are challenged to identify geographic locations on the Earth based on a satellite or aerial image and a brief clue.
Disaster Detector
In this Smithsonian Science Education Center game, students help Smithsonianville and other cities predict and prepare for natural disaster.
Baseball Hidden Image
From the National Postal Museum, this downloadable activity sheet is sure to get kids excited about seeing historical objects. Students seek out ten hidden objects in the postal building's architecture. 
Bring Pick Your Plate! A Global Guide to Nutrition
Travel around the world with Plato to learn about building healthy meals in this game from the Smithsonian Science Education Center. This game will help teach students about building healthy meals while using nutritional guidelines from countries around the world!
Preparing for the Oath
Students will learn about U.S. history and government and practice for the U.S. Naturalization Test in this study guide from the National Museum of American History.
Skin & Bones
This app brings skeletons from the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum to life. Use the app from wherever you are to peer into the inner lives of animals like bats, giant sea cows, rattlesnakes and more. Meet the people who study them, ponder big ideas about the natural world and play a game or two.
Build a Sod House
From the National Museum of American History, students try their hand at constructing their own sod house on the open prairie the way settlers did in the 1800s. Will their house stay standing? 
Bird Nest Identification
Can you name the nester? In this game from the National Zoo, students use research hints to analyze nest photos and discover which bird built the pictured nest.
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New Livestream Learning Opportunities

Draw a Dinosaur
During this program from the National Museum of Natural History, follow along with two of the world’s top paleoartists, Bob Walters and Tess Kissinger, as they teach you how to sketch your own dinosaur drawings! Watch it Saturday, May 9 at 11 AM EST.
Broadway Song Association Challenge
This YouTube series created by Carly Heitner tests Broadway’s biggest stars in one of the internet’s most popular games, while they chat about their Broadway experiences.
Mystic Seaport Museum
The Connecticut museum offers all sorts of nautical lectures and demos on its Facebook page. Programs have included lessons in maritime navigation using tools like compasses and star charts, demos on how to draw sea birds, and lectures on famous boats.
Facebook and Instagram Celebrate the Class of 2020. A commencement address will be given by Oprah Winfrey. Awkwafina, Jennifer Garner, Lil Nas X, Simone Biles and more, will share words of wisdom for the class of 2020. Watch it live Friday, May 15 at 2 PM ET.
STEM Builds, Books & Beats
Emmy-winning host of PBS Kids series Design Squad Global, Nate Ball hosts live, interactive STEM experiences on his Facebook page. Watch live on Thursdays at 4 PM ET.